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Each project is handled differently, and individually developed.

Depending upon the character of the project, we select an appropriate international and inter-disciplinary expert team for its realization. The following are typical of the steps taken in the course of each project.

Phase I
  • Extensive contact with project client
  • Agreement on goal and working methods
  • Planning and organization of the project

Phase II
  • Initial research and inquiries
  • Early sampling of preliminary information
  • Assembly and distribution of data
  • Joint overall analysis

Phase III
  • Joint detailed analysis
  • Independent detailed analysis
  • Selection of initial short-term actions

Phase IV
  • Determination of strategy
  • Development of concept and strategy by a creative team of advisers

Phase V
  • Full accompanying translations
  • Determination of expansion type, i.e., partnership, branch, subsidiary, new company, etc.
  • Selection of cooperating partner
  • Assignment of tasks and time-tables
  • Tight control of project's development

Depending on the character of the project, some phases can be abbreviated or expanded.

RBD :  portrait : : performance : : program : : contact